Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Quick update

I'm conscious I haven't updated for a while, partly due to being in England. I picked up a present for Waltie while I was there - what do you think!! A big tongue to match his big ears and big paws. I don't think he realised what we were laughing at, - he went to sit under the table to get away from us.

I've also completed a new Breege. Prepare to meet "Pregnant Breege". A special commission for Angela. I can see a whole range of Breege's developing........


  1. Awwww poor Walti - he is a lovely looking dog - just like the one next to us, who incidently my Lulu is madly in love with !! LOL

    Pregnant Breege is amazing Sian!!!

  2. i LOVE walter!

    i'm also impressed with Pregnant Breege....she has a fine pair of, ahem, knockers, bless her

  3. Oh I saw Breege in the flesh and she is amazing - was great meeting you Sian

  4. Breege is fab!! Will you be doing a mom & baby version?? I have orders for you if you do!!